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Harnessing the power of advanced sensors and AI, we revolutionize how industries perceive and interact with the world:

  • Enhanced Reality: Through cutting-edge 3D Time-of-Flight sensors, we bring a new dimension to imaging and understanding the physical space.
  • Advanced AI: We deploy state-of-the-art Large Language Models and Stable Diffusion techniques to create dynamic, intelligent systems.
  • Unified Generative Reality: Integrating 3D semantics with AI, our solutions offer unparalleled customization and interactive experiences.
  • Pioneering AGI: Our commitment to Artificial General Intelligence paves the way for future innovations, bridging the gap between human and machine intelligence.
  • We support these LLM frameworks:


Our company was honored by the following awards:

by Qualcomm

AI First Award.

by Qualcomm & Sequoia

Outstanding startup award.

by MEMS Consulting

Outstanding technology award .

Our Mission

”Quantum-enhanced LLMs swiftly adapt from big data, improving analysis. “Generative Reality AI” excels with Time-of-Flight sensors, transforming imaging. The core innovation enables 3D scene understanding, making it transformative across industries, enriching daily life with versatility and innovation. The goal is to provide LLM with visual perception, akin to an eye.“


CEO / Founder

Our mission is to power the future

Our mission is to empower the future by integrating sensors with Large Language Models, thereby equipping quantum computers with visionary capabilities.”

  • Integrating advanced sensors with large language models enhances machine understanding of the real world
  • Equipping quantum computers with visual capabilities potentially revolutionizes computational efficiency and problem-solving,